White Night – Xbox One

White Night Xbox One

The darkness and the fear of what might be lurking in the shadows, can be terrifying. Or, it can be deeply annoying – as evidenced Nuit Blanche, the adventure-game equivalent of hitting your shins on a coffee table. The relationship between light and shadow is brought beautifully to life using a distinctive monochromatic graphic style, which lays the foundation for an atmospheric and disturbing adventure. Yet the same style undermines its exploration projects and elements of puzzle solving every step of the way.
The tone set by an almost exclusive use of black and white is definitely the best part of the experience. With a slow jazz piano playing softly in the background and darkness enveloping the main character, I felt like I was walking foot in a classic 30s noir thriller I am attracted by the intensive use of tropes, deliberately crushed dialogue, crammed with weird comparisons, and his grizzled voice – White Night pays pulp influences proudly. But it is also a mystery of the haunted house and a Hitchcockian thriller inspired. In short, there are many influences swirling around, and while some overlap quite well – the damsel in distress reinvented as a restless spirit – all in all I found it a bit of a confused mashup.

When he finally succeeded, however, in creating the atmosphere and a sense of belonging. Vesper Mansion is a dark environment, fascinating as I initially enjoyed exploring. Draining the world of color creates an elegant and rigid grip on reality, where the darkness can really eat really light and not feel like a valuable and powerful resource. The correspondences are necessary to help you navigate the shadows, but they burn quickly and provide no real protection against the evil spirits that roam the dark corridors; electric light is the only way to finally exorcise the spirits nearby. It reminded me of the original Resident Evil, where every room of Spencer Mansion had something cool or scary to disclose, with the most disturbing secrets are buried deeper.

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  1. wojtyla

    August 25, 2016 at 06:44

    Good game ;3

  2. ceman

    December 14, 2016 at 09:07

    Game works perfectly.
    Great torrent.
    Just install and play.
    Thanks a lot

  3. Frank

    February 27, 2017 at 06:49

    Sweet thank you so much !!

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