We Are The Dwarves – PC

We Are The Dwarves PC

We Are The Dwarves is a game that takes pleasure to watch you fail. With every misstep taken, it is not difficult to imagine the developers cackle in a high-backed chair, the air strike lightning. putting you in control of three dwarf explorers stuck on an alien world, We Are The Dwarves is a strategy game based on the action played in a higher perspective in a 3D world – think Diablo meets The Lost Vikings.

You plonked in the story being told that the dwarf stars are dying, necessitating the launch of explorers in the galaxy to find a new star system able to stop the extinction of the race. The torsion-punk space that developers Whale Rock Games have given the title is refreshing, even if it is a strange experience to see a dwarf in a spacesuit.

The three heroes pint size you have available to you are hunting gun-toting Force, which can hit enemies back with specific attacks in the region; Smashfist, who carries dual bifacial and triggers a rage mode on enemies, and they are joined by more mysterious Shadow, spy-cum-assassin group, which can take cover and to teleport across the map. Each tree has its own specific skills, allowing a certain amount of customization.
All three are controlled via an RTS-like interface and user interface, in which you can direct your Dwarves in groups or individually. As role play based on the similar action, the fighting time can be slowed and paused to better time your decisions. The action of break is fast becoming a necessity rather than an option, as hordes of enemies will quickly send all your little warriors in no time if you do not plan well enough. Every encounter in the game is similar to solving a great puzzle – if you get a bad piece the whole picture is horrible and you are punished for your lack of omniscience.

Upgrading your Dwarves is a collection issue gems scattered throughout the levels, but despite being given a number of options for improvement, none seem to really help. The difficulty of this title is bordering on the masochistic. Powering through levels can often allow the player mentally exhausted. The difference between us dwarves and a game like Dark Souls is that each mission failed the player will never feel as they learn from their mistakes. Time and again, I would return to battle and change my approach and come back with the same result.
This is where the best and worst features of the game collide. The developers have done an excellent job in creating a world where life, physical, environmental and prosper: the game is undeniably beautiful and everything comes together in a great design and world-class building. In these well-designed worlds, however, experimentation with outcrops, ravines and dangers is likely to be severely punished. You want to blow an enemy of a cliff band? You’ve chosen to better the time right to do so.

What is more the game will often leave two out of three of your Dwarves behind punishing solo levels that will more than likely leave the player banging his head against the keyboard (or mouse clicker against the output option). Each level is littered with dangerous swamps, pits, traps and plants Insta-kill your beardy adventurous guy before you even know what happened. Some segments of the game seemed downright impossible for me to finish – when debris in a certain level of zero gravity instantly killed by dwarf for the sixth or seventh time I am dangerously close to the game’s release and immediately uninstall for a cathartic benefit.

For those who have a passion for intensely difficult games We Are The Dwarves might be your biggest challenge yet. Frustrating it can be, but Whale Rock Games created a title with a much admirable effort put into creating a world and traditions that draws the player into its deepest secrets. That is, if you can stomach replay the same level eight times to get there.

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    this game is realy good

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