Watch Dogs 2 – Xbox One

Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One

There’s no getting away from the fact that the original Watch Dogs arrived on a wave of hype. It had been announced some three years before, promising to offer endless hacking opportunities, a huge, dynamic open world and a compelling storyline. After some graphics dramas, a few release date delays and on the fence previews, Watch Dogs arrived with a resounding ‘meh’ and the most lacklustre protagonist we’ve seen for years.

But Watch Dogs 2 is now official, it’s coming in November to multiple platforms and it’ll feature a brand new protagonist called Marcus Holloway who already has double the personality of Aiden Pearce. Just take a look at the trailer below – warning, it involves yo-yos and parkour.

Marcus is a member of the anonymous hacktivist network DedSec. He’s been wrongly accused of a crime and is looking to clear his name – or perhaps just get revenge – mostly by hacking the city’s operating system.

And the city in question this time around is the beautiful San Francisco with all its bridges, towers and districts as well as the surrounding areas. Even from our brief gameplay time at E3 2016, it’s obvious that this world is much, much larger and more diverse than the Chicago of the original Watch Dogs.

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