Unreal Tournament – PS4

Unreal Tournament PS4

While this may seem a little strange, the sound Unreal is really more effective in providing powerful gaming experience that its graphics are. When some great moments occur in the game – you get two or more killed in rapid succession, or you get five or more kills without being killed yourself, a Mortal Kombat as the voice announce your success to you. Two wins will quickly earn you a ‘DOUBLE KILL’ three gets you ‘MULTI KILL’ four, ‘ULTRA KILL “and five years, the elusive” MONSTER KILL! I find this effect be very addictive indeed …

The game works as it is supposed

Unreal is one of the most polished titles I’ve ever seen from a perspective of functionality. Although it seems that this would be a given in today’s market releases rushed, games that work exactly as they are supposed straight out of the box are becoming quite an oddity. Unreal Tournament worked perfectly on each machine, we loaded up on no matter what type of sound or video card they had. No patches, no downloads, no anything. I hate to get on a soap box here, but this is the way games were meant to be – finished products that are just as easy for a complete novice to start playing as they are for the followers of the computer.

Once you’re actually in the game, you see the same quality of work. Unreal Tournament runs very easily everywhere, even when the screen is filled with lots of people firing rockets at each other. The built in the net gaming options and Internet configuration screens are easy to understand and modify, to get started a multiplayer game against your friends is a complete breeze. Stop changing the rules as easy and never caused any crashes or server problems we have seen with other shooters in the first person. The bottom line here is that this is a game that is open and accessible to everyone who has a computer, not just for hard-core geeks.
Okay, so I would not be doing my job as a game reviewer if I bitch about a couple of things that bugged me. First, there is the same downturn that I see in every single shot, the first time I use my mouse wheel to switch weapons. Although it’s not really that bad of a problem, I have a little lag GIBS happen when I tried to grab another gun in the middle of a shootout. Then, as I said above, the game boasted almost as player models and skins right out of the box I thought it should have. While those are presented nice, they are nothing compared with the large number of players really cool options available in Quake III. Finally, I really wish the game had come with better documentation. Although there are help files available on both discs that come with the title on how to use all the tools included me and read it would have been much better if the company had included a comprehensive manual. The amazing thing about these questions is that they are all just minor problems. Even with my dog-meter set on high, I can not seem to find much about this as I do not like.
Unreal Tournament is to get the highest score that IGNPC never gave a play. In other words, Epic earned by delivering a title that is as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen, both in its ability to entertain and his finely honed technology and presentation. While there is no doubt that Quake III is a powerfully addictive game with some advantages on Unreal, I feel like, in the long run, Unreal Tournament will be the best of both games. Yet Tal currently working on his Quake III exam and you have to wait until next week to see our comparison head-to-head two games. In the end though, none of that really matters – this is a title that you (and your friends) keep busy for a very long time to come. Go buy.

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    great torrent

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    Great game. If you follow the directions, the torrent will work fine.

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