Titanfall 2 – Xbox One

Titanfall 2 Xbox One

I wanted to replay the Titanfall 2 E3 demo immediately, and considered queueing again as EA were nudging us out the door – so, yeah, it’s pretty good. Xbox One owners will recognise the feel: snappy targeting and bristling ballistics – as you’d expect of the developers behind Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – allied to huge agility and verticality. I spent a lot of time juggling weapons (tap triangle), alternating between close range automatic rifle combat, and double-leaping onto raised rooftops to unleash the charged sniper rifle: watch the circular meter spin up to max and unleash for an instant head-shot kill. It seemed easier to earn – and destroy – Titans than I recall, with a shrewd asymmetry between on-foot troops and mech pilots: both sides have pros and cons; subtler than pure mobility versus firepower. PS4 newcomers are in for a treat: with the addition of a true single-player mode, this feels like the real Titanfall, despite the impressive, if restricted, Xbox original.
Despite getting our first look at Battlefield 1 multiplayer during the EA press conference, Titanfall 2 was the game everyone was talking about after the show, and with good reason. All those, what looked to be ‘staged plays’ from the trailer are actually possible, and damn do you feel good when you pull one off. I was playing as ‘grappling hook guy’ and at one point called in my Titan, attached my grapple to it’s head and fired myself across the map landing on an enemy Titan who’s vent was introduced to a grenade. I don’t care if it wasn’t totally intentional because that’s what so good about Titanfall 2. It makes you feel like you’re a tactical genius even if you’re just making it up on the fly. The original always had that ‘one more round’ appeal and this is no different, as soon as it was over and we were ushered out of the makeshift tent I wanted to go again. The main takeaway though was that it’s a multiplayer shooter that’s a hell of a lot of fun. There’s no hiding in corners and taking pot shots here, you’re on the move all the time and moving fast. So even if you didn’t play the original and you’re just shooting grunts to learn the ropes for a few rounds you’ll be able to pull off some cool moves with a giant grin on your face. Now where’s the end of the queue…

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