The Best Action PC Games Of 2016

1. Hitman

Hitman Absolution 2012 - PC download torrent

The sixth entry and prequel to the stealth ‘em up series that aims to recapture the wonder of earlier instalments. Adam was impressed by its Prequel and sixth entry to the longstanding stealth ‘em up series which aims to recapture the creative magic of earlier instalments. This time round, the linear levels of most recent entry Absolution have been axed with the larger, more imaginative mini-sandboxes of Blood Money set to return.

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2. Dishonored 2

Dishonored - XBOX 360 download torrent

Set 15 years after its predecessor, you’ll explore coastal city Karnaca as either familiar protagonist Corvo Attano or young/now not so young Emily Kaldwin with a host of new Outsider abilities. Expect a nuanced take on what worked so well previously.

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3. Mafia 3

Mafia II - XBOX 360 download torrent

From the original creators of the Mafia series the new game is set in a new city – New Orleans; a new time period – the 60s; and a new protagonist – Vietnam war veteran Lincoln Clay. Series creators 2K Czech/Illusion Softworks are taking a backseat to debutants Hangar 13 – the latter of which promise a more engaging open world. Plus shootouts, obviously. Loads and loads of shootouts.

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