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Strafe PC

Strafe is a 2017 first-person upcoming shooter video game in development by Pixel Titans and to be published by Devolver Digital. The game is a tribute to 90 years of other first-person shooters such as Doom and Quake, is announced for “advanced graphics and gameplay bleeding,” citing the year 1996. It is slated for release early 2017.
Strafe is a first-person shooter. Weapons to the player’s disposal include rifles, machine guns and railguns. Merchants appear that the player can purchase upgrades from. Levels in the game are semi-procedural generated. Loading for each area, the map is generated by taking a set of parts from a swimming pool and arrange them randomly. The enemies, upgrades and merchants among other assets are randomized and placed in the area. Strafe is especially virtual reality display mounted on the Oculus Rift head on. The game will feature digital gravity and dynamic blood splatter system. Each weapon has a primary and secondary method of fire power-up with elements allowing the weapon to become much more powerful.
The work of the player as a scraper is to collect scrap (a game currency) for use in recycling facilities. Posted by an unnamed party to the edges of space where “no communication reach ‘, your scout ship is to join the spaceship Icarus. However, once the player arrives on Icarus, they found something on board went wrong.
The game had a successful crowdfunding campaign, reaching $ 207,000 of a $ 185,000 goal on Kickstarter. Kickstarter campaign video spoofs on the best spots of video games 90s video was well received, the game designer Thom Glunt credits his experience in commercial production and video to its success. Although the video was humorous, Glunt stresses that Strafe is not a comedy play, “He’s a straight-up game balls-to-the-wall action. “Strafe was presented at the 2015 Games Developers Conference with a playable demo.

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