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Dig 2 reintroduces us to Dorothy, promoted from the original’s merchant to playable heroine. Set just after the original Dig, Dorothy has given up on finding ex-hero Rusty (you’ll know why he’s gone missing if you’ve finished the first game) and moved to the town of El Machino, where something spurs her to head underground once more.

The most common complaint about Dig tended to be that there wasn’t enough of it, its mining-driven action-platforming lasting through only three worlds and – at a push – 8 hours. The sequel’s design brief seems to be pretty simple: make the same kind of game, but much, much bigger.

Sigurgeirsson won’t be drawn on specifics (perhaps understandably, given the series’ strength has always been taking players by surprise, and surfing on word-of-mouth success), but what he does promise is, well, promising.

Swapping the original’s single shifting mineshaft for a full non-linear (under)world, Dig 2 should feel like a more traditional Metroidvania, using the first game’s gently ballooning inventory of items and skills as more like puzzle pieces than simple keys to the next area. As Sigurgeirsson puts it, “in Dig, the only way was down. With Dig 2 you’ll be spending more time exploring and figuring stuff out.”

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