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Sonic Mania (ソニックマニア Sonikku Mania?) is an upcoming side-scrolling platformer video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise which acts as a celebration of the Sonic series’ 25th anniversary. It will be developed by Christian Whitehead, Headcannon and PagodaWest Games and be published by Sega. The game emulates the gameplay and 2D sprite animation of the original Sega Genesis Sonic games,[3] and serves, along with Sonic Forces, as a “continuation” of Sonic’s 25th anniversary.[5] The game was announced on 22 July 2016 and is set to be released in Q2/Q3 2017.

Sonic Mania began development in 2015, as Sonic Team wanted to make a new 2D Sonic game that was not a remake.[5] The game was first announced during a presentation held by Sega at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con with a debut trailer.[7] The development team includes Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley, who have previously developed enhanced and newer ports for other Sonic titles.[8] Tee Lopes, a YouTube user who has done many remixes of the music tracks from the Sonic franchise, will compose the music for the game.[2] PagodaWest Games members Jared Kasl and Tom Fry, who had also worked on a fan-made HD remake of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, are both working on the game’s level design and visuals.

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