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Skylanders Pirate Seas Adventure Pack – PC | PS3 | Xbox360 | Wii

Skylanders Pirate Seas Adventure Pack - PC PS3 Xbox360 Wii download torrent

The boss fights are fun, and tougher than in the first game. Ryan noted that, “Some of them don’t have health bars, so you can’t tell when they’re going to die, but that’s OK.” They’re fairly varied as well — one borrows bullet hell conventions, tasking you with switching the colors of a throbbing barrage of red ‘damage’ energies and blue ‘healing’ energies.

Meanwhile, Battle Mode returns to offer straight forward one-on-one PvP fights for extra coin and experience. The arenas are fun and offer variety, but it’s only couch co-op (no online play) and again, only two players can jump into the fight. This feels like a great reason to increase the player cap to four, even only in PvP for starters. Going from two to four players would make this into a Power Stone 2-esque 3D brawler that could give Super Smash Bros. a run for its money.

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