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SingStar marks the game’s jump to the PlayStation 3. You’ll pick up the blue and red microphones (You can buy them packed in with the game, but if you have the PS2 mics, they’re the same thing so just buy the disc by itself.) and decide if you want to sing alone, battle an in-house opponent, duet, or face off in an up to eight-person, pass the mic battle. You’ll pick your musical poison from one of the 30 songs/six medleys on the disc or whatever tracks you’ve downloaded — more on that in a bit — and get it on. When you’re in the game, words will illuminate at the bottom and you’ll try to fill in blank pitch and timing bars with your voice, which appears as whatever colored mic you’re using. When a line of text ends, you’ll get a written critique ranging from “awful” to “cool” along with some points. In the end, you’ll get a final score and a ranking that ranges from “Tone Deaf” to “SingStar.”

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