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The Samurai Shodown series has seen better days. What started off as a well-loved 2D franchise has turned into Samurai Shodown Sen — an ugly, one-on-one 3D fighter that fails to capture the charm of the original titles. Although this isn’t the first time the series has ventured into the 3D space, it feels like the developer’s rookie effort on a 3D project. Samurai Shodown Sen is awkward, stiff and the visuals are reminiscent of a middle of the road PS2 game.

It’s depressing, really, because the first Samurai Shodown games were classics from the Neo Geo family. Samurai Shodown was one of the first franchises that tackled weapons-based combat in the fighting genre, and emphasized careful, calculated strikes as opposed to arcade-style button-mashing. But Samurai Shodown Sen fails at transitioning that gameplay properly to the 360.

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