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In Unreal Tournament, the Redeemer warhead has “Adios!” written on its side. In Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004, the missile reads “Swallow this!”
In Unreal Tournament, the Redeemer can hold two rockets; however, in later games, the Redeemer can only hold one. Unreal Championship is the Xbox version of Unreal Tournament 2003, however, there is no Redeemer in Unreal Championship. In Unreal Tournament 3, The Redeemer is said to be nuclear, but when the player walks in an area the Redeemer was shot at, no radiation poisoning damage is given.
The UT3 Redeemer has the longest pull-out animation of any weapon, taking 3.2 seconds to be ready to fire. On slow computers in Unreal Tournament, the missile won’t have smoke

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1 Comment

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