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Composer Ian Dorsch has been writing and recording music for games and related media for the better part of 15 years. His game audio work runs the gamut from AAA (Gears of War 3, Xbox Fitness) to indie (Airborn – Pino’s Journey), and as a contributor to Polygon, The Escapist and Gamers With Jobs, Ian has written theme music for some of the longest-running podcasts and video series in gaming (Zero Punctuation). In addition to his work as a freelance composer, Ian is also a singer and choir director, and he currently directs the Grays Harbor Chamber Singers and the Vestr Singers, a professional vocal ensemble from the Seattle area.

Exploration is rewarding but risky. Luckily, your footsteps in deep snow will help guide you back if you get lost. However, the deeper the snow the more tired and hungry you will be. Hunt for food, then pick up what you can and find a safe cave to rest. Build yourself up from nothing, salvage items and weapons from fallen heroes including swords, bows, outfits, and more.

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