Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord – Xbox One

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Xbox One

Mount & Blade has a very small field, most of which is to the player. Although some things are constant, such as cities and kings, the own history of the player is chosen at character creation, where the player can, for example, a child of an impoverished nobleman or a street kid . This has little impact outside skills and dialogue from (eg, a lord can treat the player better if they are a noble rather than a steppe child.) Selection of players also have an impact on the dialogue ; if the player spends time plundering caravans, a lord can treat them as criminals, as opposed to a player who spends time duties for a king or exchange items. There is no overarching scenario, however, if the reader is left to themselves.
Traveling to other places, or interacting with other parties is done by pointing and clicking on the desired destination. By meeting the hostile parties, the player can try to avoid conflict, or may engage in a battle with them. In each battle Mount & Blade is assigned a renowned value, depending on the number and power of the members of each party. The player wins fame if he or she wins the battle. With increasing fame, the player achieves more permanent in the game and can be offered vassalage by the leaders of one of the five factions. By becoming a vassal, the player is given control of a fief, he or she can manage and collect taxes from. Solving quests or defeating opponents the player receives experience points, which can be used to improve attributes, skills, and weapon skills to further develop the character. martial skills can also be improved over time in inflicting damage on other opponents.

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