Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord – PS4

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord PS4

Mount & Blade is a medieval role playing action for Microsoft Windows, developed by Turkish company TaleWorlds, and published by the Swedish company Paradox Interactive. Its commercial version was released September 16, 2007, in North America and three days later in Europe.

Reception on Mount & Blade has been overall positive. Reviewers have praised the game for its innovative combat mechanics, character complex skill system, and a large modding community, but also criticized for its repetitive quests, dialogues and locations, as well as the low quality graphics.

There are four main areas where the battles take place: on the open map when two or more hostile parties meet in tournaments organized in the city’s bullring, in the siege combat where the player is either defend or attacking a fortification, or the settlements after a trigger event (village is infested by bandits, guards catch the player sneak into the player is ambushed the rebels villagers while the player collects taxes or the player loots a village). the number of soldiers each party can hold is limited by the skill “Leadership” and the renowned leader. Participants in a battle can be either mounted or on foot. The player must indicate the direction in which he or she wants to swing by moving the mouse accordingly, unless they have changed the options for the game automatically chooses for them. Aim with a ranged weapon is done using the mouse.

Damage is processed according to several factors. Aside from the quality of each weapon, its effectiveness is also influenced by the skill of the person with this type of weapon, and the player’s speed in relation to the target: for example, a javelin launched when running or horse will be potentially more damaging than a javelin launched while standing still. Moreover, the weapons have some beaches where they are minimum and maximum effectiveness, giving them different kinds of weapons different styles of play. A spear, for example, will do minimal damage when used on the near enemy player, a hammer may cause maximum damage.

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