Lineage Eternal – PC

Lineage Eternal PC

Lineage Eternal is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) by NCSOFT. It is part of the Lineage series and a sequel to the first game Lineage. Lineage Eternal was announced in November 2011, but suffered many delays in its release schedule, with the first beta tests scheduled for 2016.
The game has suffered numerous delays during development. November 8, 2011, NCSOFT officially announced Lineage Eternal that following the first Lineage, released in 1998. The first gameplay videos debuted at G-Star 2011 games convention in South Korea on 9 November 2011. In August 2013 NCSOFT announced that it was preparing to deploy Lineage Eternal beta program by the end of 2013. in August 2015, the developers planned to initiate beta testing in Korea by the end of the year, but during a conference call in November, they confirmed that the closed beta test would be delayed until 2016.

stat, monster system, and the article was largely borrowed from NetHack with MMO elements added Lineage.

Players can choose one of seven character classes: Elf, Dark Elf, Knight, Prince, Magician, Dragon Knight, or Illusionist. Princes are the only class that can lead to a blood pledge (which is Lineage term for a guild or clan).

The game is based primarily on a castle siege system which allows castle owners to set tax rates in neighboring cities and collect taxes on items purchased in stores in these cities. It features classic RPG elements reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons, such as killing monsters and completing quests for loot and experience points, levels, character attributes (charisma, strength, wisdom, etc.) , and alignments (neutral, chaotic or regulatory). The alignment of a character affects how monsters and town guards react to the player’s character, often turning hostile to chaotic players and attacking on sight.

Player against player combat (also known as PVP) is extensive in Lineage. Players can engage in combat with other player characters at any time as long as they are not in safe zones such as cities. By joining a “bloodpledge” (an association of players similar to a clan in other games) players become eligible to participate in sieges of the castle or wars between bloodpledges.

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