FIFA 15 – PS4


is nowhere more evident than with the goalkeepers, including new animations instantly make it more realistic in terms of look and behavior. Their movements are more diverse, allowing skilled players to perform a series of spectacular gymnastics in an effort to keep the ball out of the net. More importantly, their movements allude to basic thought process of a guard, who did much to humanize the guards and shake that feeling of playing against pre-programmed machine.

If you are on purpose and-on-one with a goalkeeper, it is not uncommon to see the first rush of the posts and attacks, to decide that it is a bad idea and hightail it back to its line . Similarly, short of the goal to punch or catch the ball from a corner results in a lot of flashbacks when a guard realizes that it is a friendly supporter or opposition attacker will get there in first.

Although these actions create a seemingly dynamic environment in which players act and interact with each other without your direct input, they have little effect on the outcome of a match. There is a slight improvement in the ability of a goalkeeper to save long strikes, but they still tend to concede the same percentage of shots than last season; the overall impact on the gameplay was balanced in such a way as not to disturb the established difficulty of a goal net.

This is not a bad thing, however. FIFA has done a good job over the last half-decade to avoid regular instances of splits that look as if they belong to basketball or football. To change such a thing now would be to change the nature of an incredibly popular series. That said, it is now a bit easier to score the kind of goals you expect to see in a highlight reel end of the season. Goalkeepers may be much better off long shots, but really outrageous efforts seem to find the twine more often than you would expect.

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