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Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition – PlayStationVita

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition PlayStationVita

The story mode retains the same faction-based storyline and returns with seamless cutscenes. In addition, each of the characters of the “Other” faction has one scenario dedicated to them, forming a loose “Other” faction story mode, in a first for the series. Stages now have more freedom of progression for the player, unlike the previous installment, which was strongly preset in means of stage routes. A selection of up to four characters will be offered for each stages in Story Mode, instead of controlling a pre-defined character; the mission objectives in each level differ based on the character chosen. The story has been entirely rewritten, with each of the four factions’ stories dividing into a historical path and a hypothetical path at a critical portion of their stories. Each mission may have a number of optional objectives which unlock additional side story missions or alter the course of history,such as the moment where the flood attack in Fan Castle fails and therefore saves Guan Yu’s life from being extinguished and therefore in relation also saves Zhang Fei from the betraying officers. In order to unlock the hypothetical path, players must complete all of the optional objectives in both the main and side stories prior to the critical point of the storyline. The game also allows a co-op play of the story mode and it can be played both offline and online. However, online co-op is only available on the PS3, and Xbox 360. The PC version does not have online multiplayer. In the previous installment to the franchise, Dynasty Warriors 7, the story mode was only single-player.

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