We Are The Dwarves – Xbox One

We Are The Dwarves Xbox One

We Are The Dwarves is a game that takes pleasure to watch you fail. With every misstep taken, it is not difficult to imagine the developers cackle in a high-backed chair, the air strike lightning. putting you in control of three dwarf explorers stuck on an alien world, We Are The Dwarves is a strategy game based on the action played in a higher perspective in a 3D world – think Diablo meets The Lost Vikings.

You plonked in the story being told that the dwarf stars are dying, necessitating the launch of explorers in the galaxy to find a new star system able to stop the extinction of the race. The torsion-punk space that developers Whale Rock Games have given the title is refreshing, even if it is a strange experience to see a dwarf in a spacesuit.

The three heroes pint size you have available to you are hunting gun-toting Force, which can hit enemies back with specific attacks in the region; Smashfist, who carries dual bifacial and triggers a rage mode on enemies, and they are joined by more mysterious Shadow, spy-cum-assassin group, which can take cover and to teleport across the map. Each tree has its own specific skills, allowing a certain amount of customization.

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