DriveClub – PS3

DriveClub PS3

Join a club with friends is much more rewarding than it sounds. Login to see someone on your team has boosted the club representative by completing a ranking or three is surprisingly exciting, and boost the level of a brand your club more for yourself feels like you are contributing to an effort ‘team. But it is really in its own when you have a rival club of people you know to fight against.

The challenge Driveclub system is superb. Fill in all cases and you can use your time and put the ghost of a challenge. You can aim the challenge to one person or one club, or expand the entry list to allow others to have a go. You can set the time, too, for a frantic half-hour of shaving seconds and tenths of lap time, or several days of back and forth head leaderboard. It is fascinating. And get a notification on your phone (via PSN application) that someone will challenge you load the game if you get that involved.

This is the system as it was supposed to be and the community is growing. But the game is also developing. For starters, it’s amazing to think that we do not even wet weather races when the game started, the effects of weather in the current version are so good, they are probably worth the price of admission on their clean. water flows through the windshield and is affected by movements of the vehicle. Puddles of the road reflects the beautifully-rendered landscape lane and make amazing photos.

And oh, god – Photo mode. It is simply the best photo mode I’ve ever seen in a game ever. Where as powerful PS4 console that takes more than 10 seconds to make a single picture, you know the results are going to be special, but some of these images are unreal. Begin to enter and you’ll find you can not drive more than a few corners without thinking ‘oh, that would make for a great photo’ and hit the touchpad to enter filters and blur settings. It is a game in itself and the community has produced superlative images. The best screenshots of any racing game ever.

Even when the photo mode debuted, you occasionally miss the perfect shot in a split second. Well, no more. There replays now too, and you can hit the touch pad at any time to freeze the replay and start taking more pictures. Replays look too sensational, really show the power of PS4. In fact, Driveclub has become one of the best advertisements for the console around.

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  1. ryjus

    August 22, 2016 at 06:23

    Working 100% Just started My player and won my first game ? Thanks

  2. Shinn

    February 21, 2017 at 06:54

    Thank you, as superb as always!

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