Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen – PS3

Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen PS3

Dark Arisen includes the full version of Dragon’s Dogma – with some minor adjustments – and a good 10 to 15 hours of new adventures on a black mysterious island that rises from the sea outside the village of Cassardis fishermen. Do not be fooled by its starting investment area, however; new content is designed for post-game, and if you do not wear on a high level of backup file from the original Dragon Dogma you slayed. In fact, even if you are high, you are still very likely to get slayed; The difficulty of Bitterblack Isle sometimes threatens to cross the line between hard fist-eatingly and simply unfair. That said, I like this kind of challenge, even if lucky sometimes seems to have more to do with my success as skill.

The new dungeon on Bitterblack Isle is a deeply unpleasant place, in the sense that he did a great job to evoke an atmosphere of despair and apprehension. My forays into the depths places like the rotunda of Dread and the sanctuary of Futile Truths were tentative and often ended ignominiously. It looks so bad in places that you can almost smell of death, and for the first few hours I was captivated by its blackness. In its last third, however, there are several enemies that can kill you in one shot even if you are experienced, who feels deeply unfair; same level 100+ characters can be sent immediately. At least in the fields of Gransys, you can always run away from all that the creature was kicking your ass. This does not really want an option in these claustrophobic corridors. The temptation is to inch down their flaming lantern, saving every 35 seconds. Pro-tip: do not try to take the death. It almost never works.

When you have a chance to fight, at least, the heart of Dragon’s Dogma call remains his real big fight. You can be a mage standard, ranger, or warrior to start, but things get interesting when you are allowed to start mixing in unusual combinations, like a magic archer, and you can switch between classes at will if your style current game is getting stale. I want to switch between close-up magic and fighting, throwing flame walls to a chimera of a fabulous dress sorcerer an hour and desperately clinging to the leg while stabbing a Cyclops to his knees with a sword on the other. The challenge is rewarding; feel hard earned victories, and exploration is more exciting when you know you are in a real danger.

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