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Disgaea 5 expands these possibilities even further with some new monster types and character classes, not the least of which is the Maid, a class dedicated to making efficient use of consumable items. In the past, having a character spend their one action per turn on a healing or attack item felt like a waste given the other options at their disposal. The Maid smartly solves this with a passive traits that allows her to use an item in addition to her standard action, and she can eventually earn other traits that greatly increase the range and effectiveness of items as well. This effectively transforms what used to be an uninteresting resource into something that can be the difference between life and death.

For example, characters thrown into the Giant Killer Squad will be giant-sized for their first three turns in battle, and members of the Foot Soldier Squad get stat bonuses based on how many people have been enlisted to their ranks. Though that’s a lot to manage, it provides a welcome incentive to hire and level as many characters as you can to to take full advantage of what squads have to offer.

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