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Initially we weren’t sure if we’d be able to carry anything over, but according to a recent update, Guardians who’ve reached Level 20 and completed the Black Garden story mission (which should be most if not all of us, let’s face it) will be able to retain their class, race, gender, face, hair, and markings.

What won’t carry over is powers, possessions (that includes weapons… RIP, beloved Year 3 Gjallahorn), and any Eververse items, such as Silver and the emotes etc. you’ve purchased with it (goodbye, Grease-style dance).

“We believe this is the best path forward,” Bungie said. “It allows us to introduce the major advancements and improvements that all of us expect from a sequel, ensuring it will be the best game we can create, unencumbered by the past. We’re looking forward to sharing more details with you later this year for how we will honor your legacy in the future.”

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