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Dead By Daylight Xbox One

Survivors are tough to find provided they don’t run, but their recent footsteps can be tracked and loud noises give away their positions. Failing a quick-time-event while repairing a generator, running, and looking for items in chests all risk giving away one’s position. Even successfully fixing a generator will be a risk, since it causes a loud noise and lights up an area.

Survivors will need to move quickly to avoid getting caught once their position has been given away.

If chased, potential victims can jump through windows, knock down obstacles, or hide in various lockers to evade their predator. Simply outrunning the enemy isn’t an option, because they’ll slowly catch up and score a hit.

Survivors and Killers earn blood points for performing various actions in-game. Laying traps, chasing survivors, dealing damage, and gaining a sacrifice can all give a Killer points. Survivors can earn theirs by finding each other, cooperating, healing others, and ultimately escaping.

Points are spent on unlocking various items, perks, and offerings from a randomized skill tree. Survivors gain access to medical kits which heal their wounds, flashlights that temporarily blind a killer, and unique skills such as sprinting or noise reduction. Each killer has their own upgrades for unique abilities, enhancements to their tracking prowess, or gear that makes it harder for a captured victim to struggle.

Dead By Daylight is built on a solid foundation. Games can be tense, even frightening at times, and while there are only a handful of maps, certain objects are randomly placed to keep survivors from learning where everything is and scoring a quick victory.

Unfortunately, the game suffers badly from imbalance that makes playing as the killer distinctly less fun – certainly less enjoyable than it should be.

Survivors simply enjoy too many advantages and have access to environmental exploits that make them almost untouchable. High level players will be able to use sprinting to keep constantly out of reach, and it’s impossible to catch anybody unawares because they hear a heartbeat noise whenever the killer is close.

Even the Wraith, designed to be stealthy, has to noisily exit cloaking in order to do anything, a process that takes time and gives players an ample headstart.

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