Blade and Soul – Xbox One

Blade and Soul Xbox One

It’s been four years that the blade and soul first launched in Asia. For Western fans of the game, the wait was torture. But now it is finally here, it’s hard to see what all the fuss. Combining traditions of fighting games and MMO is a great idea, but the intelligent combat Blade & Soul will not propelled out of the shadow of other MMORPGs. There are too few surprises and lacks too many features. Compared to its free-to-play especially peer own Wildstar-Blade & Soul NCsoft is a difficult game to recommend.

If you’ve played an MMO in the last decade, you’re probably already familiar with each blade of activity and take care of the soul. In your quest to reach the level cap and open the endgame activities, you journey through the fantastic mountains and jungles, running dungeons, and, if the mood strikes you, soaked in crafts and collection skills. Blade and Soul Endeavors rarely do something original with this stereotypical structure, and that the distances some, he had poor results.

Your quest to avenge your friends and after they master murdered by the mysterious Jinsoyun has the weight of an animated Saturday morning. It is great fun, but not exactly gripping stuff. And if there are some lovely times they are spread over the PvE campaign and learn to feel like sitting at the dinner table while my mother threatened to suspend the dessert until I finished my vegetables.

It is an incessant barrage of ‘go here and kill X of Y’ quests mixed with some variations that do not always manage to mix things up. Escaping these quests is almost impossible because they are the only way to level up at a reasonable pace. Dungeons and PvP would be enough for several players of patients, but experience points earned in both derisory means it would take much longer to reach the same destination.
There’s also an annoying lack of quality of life characteristics. Monsters or objects you need for quests are available to everyone, not just you, which can make the quests in crowded areas a nightmare because there is no way to share the progress you earn killing monsters with other players unless you regroup. You can switch between the “channels” in the hope of finding an instance of an area that is not as crowded, but it is an inelegant solution to a problem that has been solved years ago, even more curious when we know that many bosses found wandering areas will share their rewards as if you kill them as part of a group or not.

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