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Prince of Persia clearly has its share of admirers within the development scene if Afro Samurai is anything to judge by. That’s not to say that Afro and friends really hold much of a candle to Ubisoft’s fantastic reinvention of the classic platformer – it really doesn’t. But the evidence is there that developer Namco Bandai sat up and took notice of the fundamental look (illustrative textures, rich colours and a clean, cell-shaded world) as well as the basic combat and platforming combination.

Of course, Prince of Persia never had blood spattered, bare-breasted babes with blades.

That’s where Afro Samurai steps into the spotlight; this is a foul-mouthed, gory, dirty and sometimes kinky tale of Afro, the so-called Number Two – a figure destined to face off against the Number One – the holder of a sacred and powerful headband that ultimately reserves the wearers’ place atop the ladder of mankind. Everyone wants to be Number One, so everyone is out to displace the wearer of the Number Two headband – since, only the Number Two can reach the location of the Number One to challenge him or her.

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