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Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron - PSP download torrent

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is an all-new project in the Battlefront saga exclusively for the PlayStation Portable, designed to offer an all-new storyline in the single-player mode and extremely robust PSP multiplayer options.

The story in this game follow the previously secret “Renegade Squadron” that was made up of the galaxy’s toughest scoundrels. As the plot unfolds, players will learn how Han Solo recruited and assembled his team and used their many talents for missions in Korriban’s Valley of the Sith, the rocky remains of Alderaan, and the fiery ashes of the volcanic planet, Sullust. In addition to single-player story missions, Renegade Squadron allows up to 16 players to compete via Infrastructure mode (eight-person support for ad hoc), with a special 100-point spending system to purchase custom kits with more than a million different combinations that can be used to create unique Star Wars characters.

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